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You can have ravishing clothes, wonderful makeup, and the perfect hairstyle, but if your mouth’s moisture balance is off, your appearance will suffer.

Just as your skin can get dry, so can your mouth. Except, when your mouth gets dry, your lips can get chapped, the corners of your mouth can be irritated, your teeth can lose their glisten, your tongue and gums can get discolored, and your breath is terrible. In some cases, a dry mouth results in thick saliva or even difficulty speaking and swallowing. By moisturizing your mouth, you have a more confident smile, glistening teeth, and a more radiant mouth.

Why moisturize daily? Just as you shouldn’t hold off drinking water until you’re thirsty, or wait to moisturize your skin until it’s cracked, by using Oasis’ moisture locking tri-hydra technology, even when your mouth doesn’t feel dry, you replenish lost moisture, while maintaining a vibrant and youthful looking mouth, with smooth lips, a healthy feeling tongue and gums and glistening teeth. And with a refreshingly minty taste, your breath will smell great.

While women of all ages report symptoms of a dry mouth, many don’t realize it’s an issue. Many daily routines and activities can leave your mouth feeling dry. For example, a wide range of common medications, everyday anxiety, stress, exercise, tobacco, and alcohol, can leave your mouth feeling parched. Quite simply, to your mouth, it can seem like a desert out there.

In addition, women buy a number of other products to deal with dryness in other ways, such as lip balm, gum and bottled water, when in fact it may just be that they need to get to the root of the problem, which is suboptimal mouth hydration.

Why isn’t Oasis just another mouthwash? It’s comparing apples to oranges. Do hand sanitizers serve the same purpose as skin lotion? Quite simply, no. Hand sanitizer kills germs and bacteria, and skin moisturizer protects your skin from dryness. While Oasis offers the benefits of a regular mouthwash, its primary purpose is to first moisturize your mouth, and then lock in that moisture to protect from dryness. Unlike leading mouthwashes (which can cause dryness), Oasis is also alcohol free.

With a refreshing mint taste, Oasis Moisturizing Mouthwash helps hydrate and moisturize your mouth using proprietary Tri-Hydra® technology. Tri-Hydra® is a unique hydration technology which combines 3 different moisturizers. These moisturizers enhance the active ingredient, glycerin, creating a moisture barrier in your mouth. Tri-Hydra® helps replenish moisture, lock in water, and protect from dryness, leaving your mouth looking radiant, your lips soft and smooth, and your teeth glistening.

Oasis Moisturizing Mouthwash is backed by scientific research at some of the leading medical centers in the world. However, the science and medicine doesn’t stop with our products. Oasis Consumer Healthcare is owned by doctors, dentists, and scientists in America’s Medical Capital, Cleveland, Ohio, home to such noted organizations as the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University. With science and innovation as our foundation, Oasis continues to put the latest science to work by creating leading edge products for the health and beauty market.